Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dear ROB reader, She Lied about My Fiance and Destroyed my Relationship!!

I broke up with my fiancé, our relationship had become a battle field and we were just not getting pass that phase, the last straw was him cheating and impregnating a girl.

I was civil with the girl and told her to inform my fiancé’s family about the baby, despite the fact that he denied that he was not responsible for the pregnancy. Then, I also went ahead to inform my mother-in-law of what happened; how his son cheated and impregnated another lady and my plight to leave him.
It was hell but I bore it, my “fiancé” kept apologizing and denying being responsible for the pregnancy, but I kept pleading with him to be there for the baby. Note that, it is not that I don’t love him anymore, he is the love of my life but I was willing to let go for the sake of that child because I know that I can never accept another woman’s child as my own and I can never let a man deny his child for my sake.
Just when I’m getting stronger, this girl dropped a bombshell! — “hi, I lied because I was hurt, I’m not pregnant”.
Guys, this girl does not realize that this is my KING, but I gave him up for her child’s sake. I could have worked pass the infidelity but the child was my first priority. Now I’m between a rock & a hard place. I love my man but I don’t know what to make of this; is it a lesson from God, a test, a revelation? I am utterly confused!
Oh, by the way, must I kick this girl’s a*s just for lying to me and causing my relationship havoc?

What do you think I should do?

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  1. Gud for u,why didn't u investigate first?