Saturday, 3 August 2013

Glo ambassador,Omawumi in public beat journalist at Lagos event.

Like they say,you can take pig out of the dirt,but you can't take the dirt out of the is also true that a child destined to sleep on the floor,even if he's put on a water bed,will always show that the triat that he's not made for such honour

Maybe such can be used to describe a female singer,who was only fortunate to taste glamour,but believe she will always be her real self,a ghetto girl.but only enjoyed a life of celeb because luck smiled at her.

According to information available to us,Omawumi has allegedly shown again why she might not be a good role model to young the warri born singer- cum- actress has been alleged of attacking a photo- journalist at an event held in logos recently.

While carrying out his lawful duty,the photo- journalist,Adekola Bamigbala attempt to take pictures of omawumi,but little did he know that danger was looking around for him,as the singer allegedly bounced on him,snatched his bag camera and with it,dealt with every strike in the in quick succession,which gave Adekola a swollen was a big and stronge flashes,not his camera but assault from Omawumi that the journalist could see.

Na wa ooo

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