Friday, 2 August 2013


Hakym is an artist that always look out for fresh talented producer to work with,it has been said that the lamba master as he's popularly called often leaves studio to tour other studio in different locations no matter the area.this unfortunate incident took place in Festac on Thursday.
Source close to the act revealed that he had pre informed a producer in Festac named Micon that he would be working with him,and indeed showed up n Festac about 3pm with his entourage. About 3 hours into the section,a gang of 6 area boys barged into the studio speaking loudly in yoruba.
According to eye witness,they were shouting that Hakym should prostrate before them and settle them,according to his PA.named olanlmuss who tried to calm the angry tout was given sound slap.this caused an uproar and the tout started threatening to beat everybody up and destroy the studio.fortunately,the noise attracted Hakym mobile police man who was sitting in the car at the car park,parked behind the studio.he rushed in with his gun threatening to shoot.but the area boys managed to escape except for one that was caught.
The producer,Micon later said that Hakym was so scared that he refused to finish the session.the poor boy just ran into his car in fear and asked his driver zoom off leaving his mobile police man to tend to the caught suspect who is now in police custody

Lol the lamba master is scared.

See picture after the cut

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