Friday, 2 August 2013

RELATIONSHIP TIPS:3 way to have a hot relationship.

No matter what state your love life might be in- still looking,just met,divorced,living together or married,with or without children. Having a hot relationship is possible for all of us.
First, a word of warning from relationship expert,Dr.phil.the qualities that might have attracted you to your partner initially,like tall,dark and handsome,won't necessarily ensure you will enjoy a hot relationship.
Here are three tips to help you create your own hot relationship.
1.still looking for Mr or ms 100% perfect?
If you are,then you are dreaming and wasting your time because your Mr or ms 100% perfect doesn' t exist.A better approach suggested by Dr.phil, is if you are looking for a partner who will have a realistic chance of being your ideal partner,look for one who has 80% of the characteristics you want.
2. Remember that finding your ideal partner is just the beginning!
Fairy tale that end in " happily ever after" imply that just finding your prince and princess is the end of the story and guarantees you an idyllic life.i reality,finding Mr or ms amazing is just the beginning from there your relationship will continue to grow and change as will the circumstances of your life.
3. Does it feel right?
There are five keys area that appear to make or break a relationship:chemistry,compatibility,common goals,peace and timing.couples who remain blissfully bonded for life tend to connect in all five areas.chemistry alone won't guarantee you will enjoy a hot relationship,it's essential for a long- term happy relationship.if the chemistry isn' there in the beginning. It's unlikely it will never be there in the future.

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