Friday, 2 August 2013


Don't let a border come between you and your true love.                                                                                                                           Long distance relationship are often a topic of controversy,everyone seems to have a story or an opinion on why relationships will or will not work quite simply,if you love someone enough,distance and even borders will not prevent you from enjoying a healthy and wonderful relationship.                         Certainly most couples would prefer to spend the bulk of their time together,enjoying each other's company and sharing experience together.unfortunately a number of couples do not enjoy that luxury as a result of work,citizenship status or familiar obligation.somrtime physically being together.     simple isn't an option .however that doesn't mean that the relationship is destined t fail.
Find ways to keep in touch with your partners and make sure to take full advantage of every moment you get to spend together. Plan short trips together or just show up unexpectedly at their door when possible
Remember that the heart knows no borders so don't allow them to interfare in a relationship with the person you love most

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