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Relationship tips:why do men cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat? -

Reasons Why Men Cheat
If you have discovered your boyfriend in a compromising position with another girl, you probably are wondering why he did that. After all, he is supposed to love you. What happened? Is it you? Chances are that the reasons that he cheated have little to nothing to do with you. We polled a large group of guys to find out the answer to this tough question.

Why Do Men Cheat? He was bored. Men are creatures who often enjoy sexual variety. Men sometimes get bored of having sex with the same woman, and when that happens, they sometimes will resort to cheating.

Why Do Men Cheat? He has not had sex in a long time. If you have been withholding sex or regularly refusing his sexual advances, it’s quite likely that the reason that he cheated was because he was not getting enough sex to satisfy him.

Why Do Men Cheat? You cheated on him.Though women are known for having “revenge sex,” it happens with men as well. If you recently cheated on him, he might have cheated just to give you a dose of your own medicine. It’s not right, and it’s extremely emotionally immature, but it still happens.

Why Do Men Cheat? He was feeling insecure and wanted to know that he still “got the looks.” This is what happens when some men get insecure. They will wonder if they still have the power to attract women, and will try to find out the old fashioned way. It all seemed to go so well until you caught them in the act, and then they feel even worse than before. This is a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

Why Do Men Cheat? He just couldn’t refuse. Sometimes a guy is too weak-willed to actually say “no” when presented with the opportunity to have sex. When this happens, it’s best to realize he will cheat a lot more than just once.

Why Do Men Cheat? You let yourself go.Sad to say, but this is a common reason why men cheat. They wake up one day and realize that the woman that they used to love is no longer there. Instead, she may be overweight, she may have a drinking problem, or she may have become too argumentative. When this happens, the guy is torn between chasing other women and facing a very difficult situation at home.

Why Do Men Cheat? He stopped loving you. When the loving spark is gone, the sex will rapidly decline in quality. Great sex is made great due to an emotional attachment to the girl or guy you are with. Realistically, him cheating was only delaying an inevitable breakup.

Why Do Men Cheat? Things got too hard at home. Have you and your boyfriend been arguing? Have bills been piling up? Sex with another woman sometimes becomes an escape to men who are just too stressed out to deal with problems at home.

Why Do Men Cheat? Birds of a feather…Men tend to pick up behavior that other men near them have. Most men who cheat also have other friends who cheat on their wives or girlfriends. It’s a classic case of monkey see, monkey do.
Some cases of infidelity are preventable, while others are not. If you can figure out what the reason was for cheating, you might be able to mend your relationship – if you want to. Of course, you don’t need to figure it out by yourself. You can always ask your partner for the truth.

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