Monday, 19 August 2013

Shocker!!18-months-old baby falls off father's shoulder and drown as he took pictures over the bridge

This is one of the most painful things to happen to a parent. A doctor’s toddler daughter drowned after she slipped off his shoulders while he was taking photos and plunged into a swollen river.

Coventry-based anaesthesiologist Megha Reddy screamed for help as 18-month-old Manvi disappeared under the water and was washed downstream in strong currents.

A frantic search was launched for the girl and rescue divers pulled her body out of the river more than four miles away.

The tragedy had happened as Dr Reddy took pictures on the bridge over the River Musi in Hyderabad with Manvi and her two brothers during a month-long holiday in India.The infant then slipped and plunged into the river below, before being swept away.

Witnesses said Dr Reddy’s screams brought bystanders to  the scene who comforted the stricken father as a major search and rescue was launched.

The doctor and his family had travelled to Hyderabad last month to attend a family wedding, and were scheduled to return to Britain next Wednesday.

 Dr Reddy, 42, and his wife Pratibha, who emigrated to Britain 15 years ago, were said to be in a state of shock


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