Friday, 27 September 2013

Barman Refuses To Serve Pregnant Woman,Is this Appropriate

Miss Hampson
A mother-to-be was left 'humiliated' after she was refused a small glass of wine because she is heavily pregnant.
Jane Hampson, 37, said she would usually enjoy one 125ml glass of red wine a week with a meal after reading a research which suggested it was medically acceptable.

But the Deutsche Bank worker, who is overdue with her first baby, was left dumbfounded after a barman at Pi bar, in Liverpool, told her: 'Sorry, I can't serve you.'

When she asked him why, the bartender said: 'I refuse to have serving alcohol to pregnant women on my conscience.'

The exchange attracted the attention of other customers at the busy bar and the woman eventually left the bar out of embarrassment and bought a glass of red wine elsewhere.

The bar bosses today apologised to the pregnant woman who said:
'I couldn’t believe it - it was so humiliating. There is no way I would endanger my unborn baby yet it was being insinuated that I was doing just that and being irresponsible. 
At the time the bar was packed and all the customers were looking over at us to see what all the commotion was about. We felt we had no choice but to leave because it was so embarrassing. 
The fact I am pregnant was none of his business. I appreciate a bar’s management reserve the right not to serve customers but obviously I wasn’t drunk or misbehaving or under 18 - so he had no reason not to serve me.

'I am not some Vicky Pollard-type binge drinker. I have done extensive research on the effects of drinking alcohol when pregnant and the fact is there’s nothing wrong with having a small glass of wine every week. 
'When you look at how much of an issue excess alcohol causes in this country, I really don’t feel that any establishment that chooses to profit from alcohol sales is in any position to judge anyone.'
 Do you think the bartender did the right thing?

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