Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Husband Once Told Me I Didn't Kiss well In A Movie---Mercy Aigbe

Not too long ago, actress Mercy Aigbe was caught in the web of scandal when she allegedly left her husband at a party to do something else and she later showed up with a different dress after her husband started what was described in the social media as a desperate search for his wife.

Anyway, she and her husband have moved on after that saga and she is now talking love. She was asked in a recent chat how her husband reacts to her kissing and fondling in movies. Below is what she said:
"I don’t think he cares, because he knows it’s a make-believe sort of thing. There was even a film that I’m supposed to kiss somebody, and when he watched the film he told me that I did not do it well. He said it was not done professionally.
"The only thing I cannot do is to act nude''.

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