Sunday, 10 November 2013

Me Divorce My Husband? No Way --- Actress Omoni Oboli

Actress Omoni Oboli and her husband, Nnamdi Oboli has been married for about 13 years now and they have in many ways become a reference point to other actresses who rush in and rush out of marriage. Omoni shares few insights with Vanguard on what has kept her marriage and why divorce is not an option...

What has kept my marriage going?
13 years now. Marriage is not about your status, so I didn’t go into it with the view to changing who I am just because of my new status as celebrity. Again, I thank God because it’s not what I did, but the fact that God gave me a husband that I love and understand and one who loves and understands me. Many others who would have loved to stay married (celebrity or not) don’t always have a choice in their affairs.

Feeling the same love for him
I think I love him even more now than when we first started. We have changed in so many ways and levels in our relationship that has sealed our union, and I’m so enjoying our thing right now.

Having a non-celebrity husband
Marriage to anybody is to understand the responsibility that comes with it. In my marriage, there’s no plan B; no thoughts about divorce. The fact that he isn’t a celebrity is not what makes him a great husband, it’s just who he is.

Second honeymoon
We have had many honeymoon. We find time to make our little mummy and daddy timeouts count as honeymoon. Our 10th anniversary was in Dubai, and we had a great time.

Running joint bank account
That’s totally up to every couple. No two relationships are alike. If they have a joint account but make each other miserable, how does that help the relationship? If they don’t maintain a joint account, but enjoy their marriage, who can fault them? So, I say, to each his own, whatever works for you.

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